Our site is in the process of moving. Our new site is: http://acttestprepxavier.com/. This site will continue to be updated for the near future but please visit our new site for always the most current information. Thanks!

We are a College Prep organization located in Appleton, Wisconsin serving the Appleton area and Fox River Valley High Schools and students. We offer Act Prep classes at local high schools and a spring College Fair at Xavier High School.


ACT Test PREP classes are taught at Xavier High School immediately preceding all of the ACT Test dates (See registration form). The ACT class is also offered over the KSCADE Distance Learning Network (contact your KSCADE coordinator), Neenah High School and Kimberly High School.

Typically our classes run for four consecutive days. The format is:
Day 1 - Full length practice test and scoring.
Day 2 - Review English and math portions of test with strategies and practice.
Day 3 - Review science and reading portions of the test with strategies and practice.
Day 4 - Practice timings and strategies for those sections with which you need the most help.

Although we do not guarantee results typically, the student will raise his/her composite scores by 2.3 points. To register for a class, print and fill out the registration form and send it to Xavier High School, c/o Mr. Andrew Mahoney, with a check for $80 made out to ACT Test Prep, inc.($100 if taking the essay portion of the class).

College Fair

Every spring we host a College Fair open to all students in Appleton and the Fox Valley region of Wisconsin. The date this year is Tuesday, March 11th, 2014. The registration fee is $70. We bring together 100 colleges and over 2,000 students to help the students and parents explore their educational options.

The college fair is sponsored by Xavier High School and is supported by all 29 of our regional high schools. Click here for a list of participating colleges with their college descriptions and web addresses. If you are a college counselor or administrator who wishes to update your college description for the Student Guide, which is delivered to all Fox Valley area high school students the week before the fair, please e-mail any changes to amahoney@xaviercatholicschools.org. College Fair registrations are $70 for the college and are due in December. To register please see our College Fair Registration Form.

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